We are Dedicated to Continuous Training

The quality of performing a management system assessment depends on the integrity of the auditor, their professionalism, independence, and diligence.

To be able to meet the expectation of the client, usually heads of organizations, the auditor must know the assessment criteria very well in order to objectivelly evaluate the assessment proof. Therefore, we expect the auditor to be knowledgeable of the activity which they asses, meaning that they have an education in it or have working experience. They must also be familiar with the required management system standards and those standards, we call them »support« standards, that set requirements according to the assessment process or auditor criteria (e.g. ISO 19001 or ISO/IEC 17021).

At SIQ Ljubljana, we perform continuous training of all auditors. By expending the accreditations for various standards, we expand the series of our training programs. The consequence of this is a continuous increase of training days for just our auditors (in 2017, there were more than 30 of such training programs). We invited domestic and foreign experts to participate in these training programs.

The most interesting discussions develop when solving different practical cases and viewpoints are exchanged. These discussions (we call them “auditor calibrations”) spur various guidelines and directions that we use in our work. That is how we issued guidelines for assessing new standard requirements in 2015 after new versions of standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 were issued. An interesting and instructive material that was used outside of our circles.

An interesting part of learning are the accreditation assessments, especially the part where the accreditation body auditors observe the work of auditors. This is an additional pressure for our auditors and requires a thorough preparation and an especially level-headed weighing of proofs for assessment. Anyone that was ever observed can attest to the special nature of such lesson.

It is expected that the auditors attend other training programs and professional meetings. That is why some auditors are members of technical boards at the Slovenian Institute for Standardization, even a Slovenian representative at the international level (ISO/TC 176) is among us. We are present in the technical boards at the International Certificate Association IQNet, allowing us a quick and effective access to the necessary knowledge and the transfer of experience from other countries to Slovenia.

Also, many of our auditors transfer their knowledge by participating in the training program SIQ Education. There is no training program for management systems standards that our auditors are not involved with, be it quality management systems, environment treatment, or courses for internal auditors of quality management systems EN ISO 13485:2016.

We may conclude that the training programs for auditors and competent auditors are a necessity and that we cannot expect the assessment results to be credible without them, but they can also be an advantage over other competing certificate bodies. Here at SIQ, we are fully aware of that.

To be able to meet the expectations of the client, usually the heads of organizations, the auditor must know the assessment criteria very well in order to objectively evaluate the proofs of assessment.