We Train Measuring Equipment Users

In the field of metrology, we pay a lot of attention to the training of measuring equipment users. The laboratory staff has a lot of professional knowledge that they are able to impart to these users.

The necessary knowledge encompases the familiarization with the measuring equipment and how to handle it, and the familiarization with metrology requirements and calibration practices within specific fields.

More than 50 years of calibration experience, obtaining the first accreditation for calibration laboratories in Slovenia, the metrology associations membership, being holders of the national standard for electrical quantites as well as the time and frequency enables us to transfer our knowledge to all interested parties through various seminars and training workshops.

We have performed our first major project of transferring knowledge right after obtaining the accreditation in the field of calibration. On the basis of our experience and the obstacles we faced when obtaining

the standard ISO/IEC 17025, we have helped many companies take their first step to obtaining this accreditation. Later, we have developed the workshops “Mastering the Measuring Equipment” and “Measurement Uncertainty” that still draw a lot of participants and are executed once a year. These workshops are useful for all who use measuring equipment in their work, but hey also give participants basic information on the preparation of calibration procedures and the calculation of the measurement uncertainty, as well as the knowledge to properly interpret calibration certificate and other documents relating to measuring equipment.

Two years ago, we began performing professional lectures on selected topics during our meetings with partners, inviting outside experts to share their experience. So far, we have tackled smart energy networks and electromagnetic conformity. The rise of renewable energy sources means that smart networks as well as measuring and controlling the quality parameters of electric networks must be ensured for the stable and proper operation of the electromagnetic. Measuring and controlling EMC parameters is also very important for the operation of all electronic devices.

We are always prepared to listen to anyone encountering metrology hurdles, and we strive to help them overcome those hurdles. In the field we are experts in, of course. In the event of major or more complex issues, we are always prepared to carry out turnkey projects, in which we perform the metrology project in its entirey according to the client's requirements.

The transfer of knowledge is not only limited to laboratories and the industry in Slovenia. We have transferred our knowledge to Bolgaria, Macedonia, Montengro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srbia, and Croatia.

We performed the first major project of transferring knowledge right after obtaining the ccreditation in the field of calibration in 1996.

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About the author

Matjaž Lindič, MSc., has run the metrology activity at SIQ for over 15 years. He is noted for his numerous improvements to measurement uncertainty, expansion of measurement capabilities and intense participation of the lab in international metrology research programmes (iMERA, EMRP, EMPIR), which paved its way to the international market. Matjaž received the Vidmar’s Award for long-standing efforts and achievements while mentoring students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana in 2011. He is particularly fond of football.