Seminars and Workshops within the EMC Field

SIQ's mission is to assess and transfer knowledge and experience as a way of contributing to the development of society that shall be based on knowledge, products, and services of the highest quality.

The employees at the Laboratory for Electromagnetics (EMC) also follow our mission to transfer knowledge and experience. We expand and upgrade our knowledge with various training programs at home and abroad, by participating in international certificate schemas and meetings for EU notified bodies (EUANB and REDCA) for the EMC and radio (RE) directives, and through daily work at the lab.

We have been transferring this knowledge as lecturers at various seminars and workshops at the SIQ organization and as guest lecturers at events related to work for years.

We strive to familiarize our listeners with the inner workings of the EU's single market as well as the requirements of other global markets. This means that we first introduce them to the legislature for a specific market. The legislature is updated every few years. Technical requirements given in different standards also change and constitute the majority part of the lecture. We tell listeners how to choose the most appropriate standard for a specific product and then explain the requirements of individual EMC measurements, the selection of appropriate testing equipment, and the EMC measurement results.

We often perform the training at the manufacturer's site, usually in their development department. With this newly gained knowledge and understading of EMC, development engineers find it easier to conceptualize new products, while knowing the EMC specifics and choosing the appropriate EMC standard makes it possible to optimally design the product and choose the right components that give the best EMC results at the very beginning of the design process.

Every year, we transfer our knowledge and experiences to students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FE) in Ljubljana, where we participate as guest lecturers at the EMC workshops organized by FE with various Slovenian companies. Depending on the program, a workshop might include EMC testing of prototypes that the students make during the workshop.

We often combine our lectures with the lectures of our colleagues from electric safety and international approval departments, offering our users an insight into the requirements for launching electric and electronic products to different markets.

We expand and upgrade our knowledge with various training programs at home and abroad, everyday work in the EMC lab, and at meetings of EU notified bodies for the EMC and RE directives.

About the author

Marjan Mak, Head of Laboratory of Electromagnetics has been a SIQ associate for over 11 years. He is active in the local community, in which he chairs the local committee and concurrently holds a council member seat in the local primary school. In his spare time, he likes skiing, badminton and target shooting.