Transfer of International Training Practices

SIQ is very much involved in international professional collaborations. We are aware that an exchange of the best practices and knowledge with individuals and similar foreign institutions can bring us even more acclaim.

Internationlization is an important factor in creating new opportunities. At SIQ, this also applies to the activities of testing the security of products and their electromagnetic conformity. Professional collaborations and the deepening of our professional knowledge, encouraging participation in international activities and obtaining a co-ordination role, and experiencing other cultures are goals that we set as we internationalize our activities.

The field of Safety and Electromagnetics acts as an internationally-recognized national certificate body and a test laboratory in two schemes, IECEE/CB and IECEE/CB-FCS, established within the framework of testing and certifying safety and electromagnetic conformity of electric devices (IECEE) under the auspices of the International Electrotechnical Commision, and in three schemes on the recognition of common signs of conformity with European standards for testing, inspection, and certification of products (ETICS) – ENEC, CCA and CCA EMC. It also has the status of a notified body for many European Union directives. Such an international collaboration benefits various interested parties and helps to reduce and understand trade barriers caused by various procedures of launching products to the market in different countries. It reduces delays and expenses of multiple tests and approvals in the industry, since the products can be marketed faster and have access to a wider market. International collaborations enable a high professional work level and the ability to transfer established international practices to our home environment, our partners, and the public.

In 2017, we became a partner to the European Power Supplies Manufacturers' Association EPSMA, established to create a technical forum for the discussion and development of the field significant to this industry and component suppliers. Our main contribution is the restoration of safety guidliness for power supplies for multiple applications – medical, telecommunications, railway, DIN Rail or Ex power supplies,  where requirements differ according to the environment.

For an international status that enables growth and the internationalization of operations in the field, it is necessary to continuously invest in professional collaborations with comparable institutions and associations. A significant part of coworkers from the field of Safety and Electromagnetics actively collaborate in the international exchange of practices and approaches as well as the development of testing procedures, participating in 25 international events, such as professional meetings of the working bodies of certificate schemes, technical boards, and notified bodies. The knowledge that the employees posses is what gives the institution that added value, which is key nowadays when we talk about a society of knowledge and knowledge as one of the highest values.

An international collaboration benefits various interested parties and helps to reduce and understand trade barriers.