The exchange of experiences and knowledge – priceless

You are what you know, the old saying goes. It is especially relevant today, when knowledge represents the core of our value. Although we live in a time in which modern technology offers access to a lot of information and knowledge on just about anything, only knowledgeable experts with years of experience are able to create added value.

The dictionary describes an expert as someone who has a (good) command of a profession, who is proficient in it, stating the following example: ask for an expert's opinion.

SIQ issues opinions daily in the form of reports, certificates, and other relevant documents.

We are known as the “House of Knowledge” that uses its expertise to contribute to the development of products and to orderly, safe, and efficient business operations, as well as to the development of society as a whole. Our dedication to knowledge remains our mission and guiding principle as well as the common thread in all our activities.

More than 25 years ago, the Education activity had been formed with the purpose of imparting knowledge and experience gained by SIQ. The demand from organizations to train their employees has been steadily growing each year since then. We already offer 150 different training programs. Management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 13485, ISO/IEC 27001, IATF 16949, HACCP …) remain our core offer and also the field in which we are the leading company in Slovenia. We have performed more than 500 courses for internal auditors and trained more than ten thousand auditors. The support that gives us a solid foundation and confidence are our experts: 71 lead auditors, 98 auditors, 57 experts, and 65 industry lecturers.

We are proud that SIQ is an important partner to the entire automobile industry. In this industry, the demand for high quality and especially safety has always been key.

Our licenced lecturers offer knowledge in the effective use of methods and tools in the automobile industry, while our coworkers authenticate and calibrate the equipment of technical vehicle manufacturers and review the electromagnetic conformity of cars and the safety of their electric devices.

When organizations, especially during the economic crisis, began optimizing and improving production processes, eliminating losses and »time stealers«, we developed training programs to achieve a »lean production«. We established a »Lean Production School«, a special three-month intensive training to put the obtained knowledge and experience in lean productions into practice. It is still one of our most popular training programs.

Lately, we have been frequently collaborating with manufacturers of medical equipment. SIQ is a notified body for reviewing compliance of medical devices and is becoming a recognized partner of medical devices manufacturers in Slovenia and abroad. Manufacturers can choose between a wide range of service that we offer – from medical equipment testing, reviews of current standards, directives, decrees, and other laws, to education and material on managing the development of medical equipment.

What makes our training programs valueable, advantagous, and recognizable? Our training is not based on theory. It is performed by experts with practical experience and knowledge. They give tips, guidence, examples of good and bad practices, and useful solutions to professional challanges.

Our training is not based on theory. It is performed by experts with extensive  practical experiences.

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